Sara Dominguez, PhD

As I discovered a passion for working with young children, I decided to orient my university studies towards Psychology and child development. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree at the Université De Provence in France, I continued with a Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology at the Université Paris Descartes. I then continued with a Master of Science in Research in Psychology, before obtaining my degree of Doctor in Psychology (PhD) from Nanterre Université.

My work has always been divided between the two complementary fields of research and clinical work, as I firmly believe in always deepening my understanding of child development and parent-child interaction in order to offer a better support and care to families.

Before moving to The Hague, I worked as a research assistant in a laboratory specializing in studies related to child development, parent-infant interaction and psychopathology, as well as in a community social action center in Paris. Within this center, my functions focused on support and guidance to parenthood, to the infant’s development and socialization, as well as to parent-infant relationships in the first three years of life. If you are interested in knowing more about my professional experience and having access to my scientific publications in the matter, please visit my LinkedIn profile (

The exposure to a diverse international environment has also been a key part of my working and personal experience. This has lead me to develop a keen sensibility to cross-cultural nuances and differences, as well as to the challenges of living and growing up in different countries and cultures.

I am a member of the Netherlands Institut of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen – NIP) and I abide by its code of Ethics.