Parental Guidance

The transition to parenthood is a period of both joy and challenge for most. Indeed, raising a child is not an easy ride.

Sometimes, parents can experience difficulties in the day-to-day activities with their child, as well as in understanding their child’s behavior, or even in their role as parents.

These felt difficulties can become extremely disarming and tiring. Ordinary activities can generate conflicts, mental blocks, cries, and crisis. These situations can end up challenging the parents’ patience and embedding within them a feeling of frustration and helplessness.

My mission is to help parents have a better understanding and find elements of reflection to questions they may have regarding their child (such as difficulties putting the child to sleep, setting limits, separating, what position can be adopted regarding aggressiveness, toilet learning, feeding, etc.), the child’s socio-emotional development as well as questions regarding their role as parents.

We can find together what works for you and your child.